Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sorry About That!

I'm sorry I had to move to a new URL for my photography blog :/ . Thing is, I tried putting a "blogamation" on my other one, and, guess what?!? Blogger deleted my blog for having malicious Javascript. So here I am. I had to go through a bunch of security stuff even with gmail, but now it's all settled. I am NOT using that site again. So This post will have a bunch of pictures that I posted on my other blog. I've decided not to put a watermark on them, but to just let you enjoy them :D . Remember, on request, I can make any of these into new custom blog backgrounds for blogger (not using code to avoid "malicious Javascript" for you all). Please do not use my images, however, without asking me first. Thanks!

that's it for now.... now for some new ones :D

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